Construction Drying

Construction DryingThe use of climate control on construction sites is quickly becoming a standard practice. The benefits to using dehumidification, air movement, and temperature controls are numerous. Avoid problems during construction, such as:

  • Concrete slabs emitting water
  • Moisture on surface during flooring installation
  • Drywall taping and mudding not drying
  • Microbial growth

Layflat delivering climate control, with work still running smooth.With the proper equipment configuration and monitoring, you can avoid costly delays,  and improve finish work installation.

Benefits of Using Climate Control and Drying on a Construction Project:

  • Aids in the drying of mud and natural elements, as well as ground thawing prior to concrete
  • Accelerates concrete curing and reduces moisture in concrete flooring
  • Dramatically reduces microbial growth
  • Prevents contamination of permanent HVAC system prior to move-in
  • Reduce latent moisture within wall cavities and in building materials
  • Promotes uniform dry times on the following products: sheetrock compound, paint and sprayed-on fireproofing
  • Allows for the better acclamation and installation of millwork, flooring, and other moisture sensitive materials
  • Deters warping and damage to framing, mill work and permanent wood fixtures
  • Keeps you on schedule!

Construction Drying For Painting & Drywall

Construction Drying PaintingCFM CAT LLC will help you to stay within both your construction schedule and budget with drying services for paint and drywall projects. Donít let an unfavorable weather or moisture load cause you headaches and additional expenses, let CFM CAT LLC be your ideal climate control solution provider for large residential. commercial and industrial projects. We provide outstanding customer service, have a vast expertise and superior technology that make us the best choice for all climate control needs.

Construction Drying For Walls

If construction materials get wet or the surrounding environment is highly humid, your project can suffer the consequences of moisture-related problems. Other factors such as drying concrete and paint can release significant amounts of moisture into the air and alter the drying conditions during your project. On occasion, faulty building design with a pre-existing structure may have left the walls vulnerable to water damage, water intrusion, or water migration, and in order to save them it requires professional drying services. CFM CAT LLC will reduce the moisture load and reach the ideal temperature required for paint or drywall applications.

Construction Drying For Drywall

When drywall and joint compound are applied, humidity is the last thing a construction crew wants because of the impact it has on the materials. Drywall is naturally hydroscopic, which means it readily takes up and retains moisture. Moisture related problems are some of the most common reasons for delayed construction schedules and increased project costs. These problems can include shrinkage, mold, cracking, nail popping and joint replacement. CFM CAT LLC  can help control the moisture load and keep your drywall installation on track and budget.

Construction Drying For Painting

Painting, like drywall, requires an ideal temperature of 55 degrees F or higher. In many places, depending on the time of year. This temperature is not always easily achieved. That is where professional, temporary climate control services come in. CFM CAT LLC  can get your siteís environment under control and reach the ideal conditions for a smooth, efficient application of paint.

Emergencies Happen

We know that time is money, and when you have a moisture-related problem, it is important to get it resolved quickly and effeciently. That is why we offer professional drying services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you find yourself up against high levels of humidity and moisture on your next project, give CFM CAT LLC  a call, and you will have at your fingertips a professional solution to your moisture control problem.

Construction Drying For Flood

construction drying for floodsWhen youíre in need of construction site drying for floods, CFM CAT LLC is the nationwide leader in offering climate control equipment for rent. We have everything you need including power generators, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, heaters, fans, and ventilation. Whether the emergency is from a burst pipe, a hurricane, heavy rains or other disasters, itís crucial to act fast to prevent further damage to your site.

Moisture and water damage are one of the top reasons for higher construction costs and delayed deadlines. With the proper climate control equipment, you can reduce the damage and even save building materials.

Construction Drying Equipment For Floods

In need of temporary power? We provide both commercial and industrial power generators. Our experts can help determine the right size generator for you. We also offer an array of portable, commercial, and industrial size dehumidifiers to control moisture levels on your flooded construction site.

For temporary climate control after a flood, heating and cooling, air conditioning, and heater rentals are available for commercial, industrial, and construction applications. We are the leader in providing portable heaters for rent. We can provide you with electric heaters, in-line heaters, and indirect fired heaters.

Hazards of Construction Site Floods

Too much moisture from flooding and other disasters can be your worst nightmare. Moisture and water damage can cause numerous problems during construction including:

  • mold formation
  • shrinkage
  • plaster cracks
  • loosening of fastenings
  • drywall nail popping
  • wood swelling
  • settling
  • leaks

Site Damages Due to Flooding

Exposure to mold spores can cause serious health complications including shortness of breath, headaches, respiratory problems, and even cancer. Mold loves areas of moisture. Having proper structural drying or climate control system in place can significantly inhibit the growth of mold.

Moisture absorption followed by loss of moisture can lead to shrinkage in drywall and framing. This can eventually lead to nail pops and cracks. Water damage can cause severe damage to plaster. Cracks in plaster are not only unsightly but can result in further complications down the road.

Too much moisture can cause wood to begin to rot and swell leading to loosening of nails and fastenings. Nail pops occur when the lumber used in framing loses moisture and shrinks. A nail then pops through the drywall or be pulled into the drywall leaving an impression. Flood rains and hurricanes can cause not only cracks but compromise the foundation of the property.

Get the Equipment You Need

In case of a flooding emergency, whether itís from harsh weather or a burst pipe, CFM CAT LLC has the expertise and construction drying equipment available for rent to protect your site. Acting immediately will save you time and money by reducing further damage to your construction site.

Construction Drying For Flooring

CFM CAT LLC will help you avoid costly moisture-related problems on your next construction project with our expert floor drying. We know the importance of immediate action, so we work around the clock to ensure you do not lose time or money.

Why Dry Floors During Construction?

Most construction projects work on tight budgets and timelines that leave little room for deviation. Moisture-related problems are one of the biggest contributors to added costs and construction delays because of the unnecessary setbacks they cause. If you are pouring a concrete sub-floor and need a low level of humidity before you can install the finished flooring, donít play the waiting game and watch your profit margins shrink. Instead, speed up the process by having your floors professionally dried.

Other unforeseen events can lead to water damage of your construction projectís flooring. One of the hardest and most necessary to address is wood flooring, which can be permanently damaged and expensive to replace.

Drying Concrete Floors

When preparing concrete to build a sub-floor, water is necessary to moisten the mixture. The correct ratio is imperative because excess water will release as the concrete dries and sets. This level of excess moisture in a concrete sub-floor not only can cause costly delays, it can cause indoor air quality issues and potential failure of the flooring system itself. These problems have often led to future legal disputes.

Drying Wood Floors

Water is woodís worst enemy. Aside from the visually unattractive warping that occurs, the major threats to a wet wood floor are structural damage and mold growth. Wood is slow to react to water, so it is vital you respond quickly to increase the chances of salvaging the floor. In order to reverse any damage that may have already occurred, it is important to select a professional team that has both the experience and expertise to handle this complicated material.

Say Goodbye To Moisture

When it comes to saving you time and money on your next commercial or industrial construction project, CFM CAT LLC canít be beat. Call us today, and you will never have to worry about a moisture-related problem again




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