From initial equipment set-up to moisture mapping, we have you covered.
CFM-CAT LLC can provide all the equipment needed for your loss, set everything up, manage the loss daily, complete all pictures, moisture monitoring, moisture mapping, and equipment take-down upon completion of drying.
CFM-CAT LLC is ready to help you get through your large losses.

With our staff of fully certified Disaster Response Technicians and Project managers, we can handle any size loss for you from start to finish.

Are you a smaller restoration company turning away jobs?
Don't quite have enough equipment or practical experience to cover the number of emergency calls that just came in?
Don't give work away, or turn your back because it's too much!  We can help there also.
We are NOT trying to take away work from ANY local company, we are here for your support.
We will help you through every aspect, of any size loss.

Everybody wins....your clients get the level of service and expertise they have come to rely on you for, and the loss is dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

Portable generators, dehumidifiers of all sizes, or any other piece of equipment for structural drying and restoration, give us a call.
If you need large commercial property loss support or multiple residential property loss support, we have the knowledge and experience to help you through any situation.


Equipment Setup and Delivery


As you may have read elsewhere on our website, we pride ourselves on having full flexibility for you, our clients, needs.

If you need equipment delivered quick, let us know.

Our EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAMS are on stand-by ready to mobilize at a moments notice.

We will work with you, regardless of situation.

Whether you need large desiccant dehumidifiers, power generation, air movers, or anything else, our vast inventory of drying equipment is on it's way with a single call.


We Are Flexible!


CFM-CAT LLC knows that you may not start a 5,000 cfm desiccant dehumidifier everyday, nor do you feel comfortable hooking up 240 volt power to such a unit.

Thatís where our experienced equipment technicians come in.

We can supply the level of service of you want, when you need it.


Available 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year


In a climate control emergency, flood, hurricane, storm water intrusion, or other natural disaster or wild fire, we know how important it is to get the situation remedied as soon as possible.

Thatís why we, at CFM-CAT LLC, make sure to stock the very best equipment and make it available for pickup or delivery 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Fast Nationwide Delivery


We offer fast, nationwide delivery, If you need equipment, give us a call, we are here to help. Our fleet of Catastrophe Response Units are ready to go when you are.


Equipment Monitoring


While most companies take the hands off approach to equipment rental, just having you pick up the equipment and leaving you to figure it all out, we understand that sometimes you may need a helping hand.

At CFM-CAT LLC, we offer the services of an experienced technician to monitor your equipment and make sure it is performing at maximum proficiency.


Trained CFM-CAT LLC technicians will make sure that your equipment remains functioning properly to ensure that there is no interruption in operation.

They will also make sure that any industrial equipment that operates on fuel will remain optimally fueled and ready to get the job done.


We REALLY mean 24/7


There have been several jobs in CFM-CAT LLC past where our technicians remained on site 24 hours a day.

One project  required immediate service.

Due to the sensitivity of some projects, our teams are prepared to remain on-site, 24-hours a day in the event of something going wrong.

Some projects require such close supervision and CFM-CAT LLC can do that for you!


We mean it, our technicians will stay with the equipment as long as you need them in order to help you with your emergency.

They will monitor the equipment for performance and efficiency, keep it powered and fueled if needed.

Theyíll also answer any questions you may have about the process.

Precise operation of industrial machinery is integral to the success of any restoration project.

Let CFM-CAT LLC help to insure your success.


Equipment Startup


If you go and rent a piece of equipment, you would expect the sales representative to at least tell you how to start the thing, maybe give you at least some instruction, right? 


CFM-CAT LLC, you can request a technician to come to your emergency site and get you set up quickly and efficiently.

In an emergency, time is the most important factor. That is why we have skilled experts available to you.
The sooner you get set up, the sooner your issue can be resolved.
If you rent equipment and spend hours upon hours trying to follow instructions, how is that a benefit?  It isnít.


Our technicians are trained to install and start the operation of all of our equipment, whether it be an industrial dehumidifier, industrial heater or air-conditioner or any of our other type of climate control or restoration equipment.

If you bought a new gas stove, would you spend your day trying to set it up yourself?  No.

Other companies may allow that, but we always consider what is best for our clients.

Donít waste precious hours trying to get started. CFM-CAT LLC will help you get up and running faster.



If you are having trouble operating any equipment that you rented from CFM-CAT LLC, or other equipment, we are here to help.
Our technicians are trained in operation and maintenance of all of the equipment we offer.
Whether you have questions about the readings you are receiving, fueling instructions or just questions on general operation, we are happy to walk you through it.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist by answering any and all inquires.
Need a little more help?
CFM-CAT LLC can send certified technicians to your site.
We can assist you in person with operating, fueling, monitoring and general application of your machinery.
Those technicians will be available to you for the duration of your project if needed.
Let us know if any further assistance is necessary.

Structural Drying

CFM-CAT LLC can help when large buildings or spaces need to be dried, following moisture related damage Ė such as hurricanes, floods, pipe breaks or other water damage.
When the job calls for more than fans or LGRís, we can help by delivering dehumidifiers ranging in size from 385 cfm up to 25,000 cfm.

We are a full service Restoration Contractor

CFM-CAT LLC is a restoration company, we are a service oriented equipment rental company also.
CFM-CAT LLC supplies the equipment and the experience to help restoration contractors, building owners, property managers, and homeowners, get the job done.
Whether big desiccant dehumidifiers are needed or extra air-movers and LGRs are suddenly in demand, CFM-CAT LLC can help.
We offer daily and weekly rates on air-movers, LGR and negative air machines and we are very flexible on our service terms with the large dehumidifiers.

Where do we offer our rental equipment?

CFM-CAT LLC is a NATIONWIDE Catastrophe Response Service Company.
We bring the equipment and services to you. It is highly recommend to establish your business BEFORE the emergency happens (when hurricanes strike Ė guess what?
...... we get busy fast and everyone wants equipment.

Want some preferred treatment?

Call now, even if you donít need anything.) And donít worry about your locationÖwe travel.
CFM-CAT LLC has successfully completed across the United States and we regularly travel to disaster areas to supply equipment and service.

Mold Prevention

Mold presents a serious health issue to those exposed to it and be extremely harmful to people who breath in its spores.
Mold can cause headaches, shortness of breath, nose bleeds, respiratory bleeding and even cancer.
If you have an area that is a high risk for mold, it is vital to implement a climate control system to deter its growth.
Even if you have such a system in place, what will you do if that system malfunctions?
Excess moisture can be just as devastating to construction projects and production in some industries.
Moisture is also the beginning of the mold growth process.
Too much moisture in the the air can ruin manufacturing production of pharmaceuticals and ruin the finish on a new painting project.
Thatís why CFM-CAT LLC comes equipped with the best in industrial dehumidifiers and is available to help you stop moisture, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stopping Mold and eliminating Moisture Ė When to act

Following a water damage it is imperative to completely dry any building or house.
The most obvious examples of water damage are hurricanes and floods.
When a pipe breaks or plumbing has been leaking, these are the situations that may require professional assistance.
The best first step may involve thermal imaging to monitor the path and extent of the moisture.

How to Stop the Moisture

CFM-CAT LLC specializes in temporary climate control systems and industrial dehumidification.
We are able to swiftly respond to your emergency with the proper machinery and professional, knowledgeable technicians.
You can rent one of our pieces of machinery and have it delivered or pick it up.
Once the equipment is on site, you can request a CFM-CAT LLC certified technician to assist you with its operation, monitoring, setup and fueling.
Our technicians will perform the steps necessary to help prevent mold from forming and remove damaging moisture until your climate control system is back up and running or the excess moisture is removed.

Moisture Control

In the area of excessive moisture, CFM-CAT LLC is a respected and trusted name throughout the industry.
We are known for providing quality residential, commercial and industrial equipment rental.
CFM-CAT LLC offers moisture control rental equipment to both the public and private sectors.
Our moisture control equipment is available for scheduled rental or for 24-hour emergency services. 
CFM-CAT LLC can provide moisture control equipment for rent on a short-term or long-term basis and have weekly, monthly, or seasonal rental options available.
CFM-CAT LLC can deliver moisture control equipment to your job site or place of business anywhere in the country.

The Moisture Control Experts

If your job requires moisture control for a large space, or if you need a smaller portable moisture control unit, CFM-CAT LLC has the equipment to get the job done right.
Unwanted moisture and condensation can have a devastating effect on your building materials.
CFM-CAT LLC is aware of how crucial moisture control is and how essential it is to have the proper moisture control equipment available for your project.
At CFM-CAT LLC, we offer top-of-the-line moisture control equipment rentals that can be delivered or shipped to you anywhere in the country.
Our team of industry professionals is available to work with you to make a recommendation on which moisture control solution would best serve your purposes.
We offer our clients nothing but the best.

Top Notch Equipment And Service

CFM-CAT LLC guarantees a quick response to your emergency situation and knowledgeable industry experts to provide a professional consultation about the best course of action to prevent or remove moisture.
Once our moisture control rental equipment is onsite you can request a CFM-CAT LLC technician to help you with its operation, monitoring, set up, and fueling.
Our expert technicians will work diligently to help prevent mold and control damaging moisture to keep it to a minimum.
CFM-CAT LLC has years of experience and our talented staff will help you determine the best approach for preventing these problems. 
CFM-CAT LLC is the most effective moisture control resource in the country.

Affordable Solutions

Put our expertise to work for you on your next project.
We offer affordable moisture control equipment rental rates and flexible rental options to suit every situation.
Whether youíre in hospitality, government, education or a financial institution, CFM-CAT LLC can help with your emergency moisture control situations fast and effectively.

Central Flood Management CAT LLC

At CFM-CAT LLC, we are here to promote your success. Please feel free to give us a call.

No matter what the size of your loss, no matter the location, we have you covered.

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